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Computer Modeling Tiny Things

A video by Industrial Research Limited regarding the use of mathematical modelling for nanotechnology. Source- 'At IRL, our research group uses mathematical modelling and computer simulation to design materials and devices for nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a new technology based on the manipulation of individual atoms to form structures and devices that have new and unusual different properties. The "nano" in nanotechnology comes from the nanometre, which is one billionth of a metre or roughly the distance between atoms in a solid or liquid. Nanotechnology is all about building devices that are about this size. We have worked for several years with a Christchurch-based company, Nanocluster Devices Ltd, which is New Zealand's first company exclusively based on nanotechnology. This company builds devices such as wires from nanoparticles (you guessed it - these are very small particles that contain only a few atoms). We have been simulating the process by which the wires and particles are formed. Nanotechnology is an exciting area to work in at the moment with scientists from many countries racing to make new discoveries. It is also a subject where physics, chemistry and biology all become important so there is never any shortage of interesting science to learn.'
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