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A video by Massey University NZ regarding the study of quarks. Full article and more videos- 'The Standard Model of particle physics says that the protons and neutrons of the atomic nucleus are made from quarks. The forces that bind quarks together in stable configurations are very different from the usual electric, magnetic or gravitational forces we are used to. One of the strangest properties of these forces is that it is impossible to remove a single quark from a proton - if one tries to do this it is like stretching a spring until there is so much tension that new particles (such as pions) are created. These forces are still poorly understood and require new approaches to studying the nature of quarks. One of the most promising approaches is lattice QCD, which simulates quarks and their interactions on a discrete space-time lattice. Lattice QCD calculations require a supercomputer capable of teraflop (10^12 floating point operations per second) speeds, which is now available to us at Massey's HELIX cluster.'
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