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big surprise,I win an alcohol can stove on Internet

I got a surprise email notifying me I had won an online contest on one of the channels i subscribe to. It is the first thing I have ever won on the Internet that was not a Nigerian scam. The site is called and is run by a grandmother that is teaching her grandson to make the alcohol can stoves and accessories and sell them on the Internet. I am a big fan of backyard, garage type DIY cottage industries, having made and sold my own items for a long time on the internet. I think it is great to have parents and grandparents teach them life skills they will learn from running a small business and creating and improvising new products to meet customer demands, I did not review the alcohol stove that came, in fact, I added alcohol to it and did not light it successfully. This is the model called the Nitro. I asked the seller to make a video showing how to get it lit and running and they said they would. I am sure there is nothing wrong with it and i was not lighting or using it correctly. The item came packed extremely well and weighs almost nothing. It is possible I had difficulty lighting it as I did not use a windscreen although I was in the kitchen at the time. I do not have experience with can style alcohol stoves so please do not judge the stove by my results. I think that is another advantage of dealing with small owner based businesses is that if there is ever a problem you can talk to the guy at the top very easily. There are a lot of items on their website that they make by hand individually. I hope you found this video useful and you show support to makers and sellers of self made items. If you like my DIY videos and want to subscribe, you can go to: If you would like to check out my videos before subscribing first, you can go to my channel at Robb's Home Made Life I add new videos every week. If you make DIY or outdoor or low cost living or prepper videos, I would be happy to check them out.
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