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They Took Our Jobs - Immigration Stories You Are Not Supposed to Hear H-1B H-2B Visas

This is an amazing video. Nearly all news coverage of immigration in America has only one narrative- Immigration Good, all people that want less immigration are BAD. However,this TV News report is completely different from the usual anti American worker pro immigration propoganda. This report bravely documents evil Corporations that use loopholes and fraud with worker visa programs to steal American jobs and depress our wages. This anti American worker attack has been happening for decades all over the country, and not just in construction and manual labor trades, but in other industries too. On January 31, Jennifer Wedel asked Obama in a video conference why he is giving away so many American jobs to foreign workers via the H-1b visa program. The media ignored the question. Some, like Jon Stewart, ran clips edited to make the woman that asked the question seem like a fool and omitted the part where she brought up the H-1B visa program taking American jobs. In this video, you can see the effects of a similar fraudulent worker visa program, the H-2B visa program. According to Norm Matloff,Over 1.8 million Americans with engineering degrees can not find work in engineering. yet the media constantly cheerleads for multinational global corporations that want an ever increasing and endless supply of younger and cheaper workers brought in via mostly fraudulent worker visa programs. Obama is not the only president to screw the American worker to please big multinational corporations, George Bush can be considered our first Mexican president based on his one sided immigration policies favoring massive amounts of immigration that has reduced wages and taken job opportunities for Americans for decades. Obama crows he has added 3 million new jobs, but omits the fact he has continued to add 125,000 new foreign green card workers each month since he has been in office, well over 3 million new LEGAL foreign workers to take our jobs. When will this stop? Have you had enough? Go to find the voting record of your weasel in Washington, and vote the weasels out. Please subscribe if you like my videos and add information about numbersusa in your online videos and comments to spread the word. Every little bit helps
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