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Still Drinking Cola? Watch This - (HD Wide Screen)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) News Of 2012: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered by Samimy, the Producer of This video: 1. What kind of coke can is that? Answer: I live in Japan and that can of cola is sold in Japanese vending machines. 2. Why the cola is not vaporized after a year? Answer: it was refilled over and over. 3. People do not keep cola in their mouth for a year, so this video is pointless. Answer: that is not the point of the video, the point is that the combination of cola causes the reduction of calcium in our bodies if drunk all the time or everyday. It affects teeth and other bones in the body. 4. Why the egg is not rotten after a year? Answer: it was rotten inside, but not too much to cause it break down. 5. How come you thought about this? Answer: seeing so many people with bad teeth and found out cola drinking is common among all of them. 6. Why on this video people usually add same type of comments over and over? Answer: because they don't think. 7. How come Samimy Productions which is making videos on Electronics hack and DIY projects, made a video about cola? Answer: it is an exception video same like my smoking experiment project, just something that I knew about them and that is all, I do not make videos about drinks and foods, that is only one time and one video on Samimy-production's channel. 8. Will Fanta do the same job? Answer: Not sure, you better give it a try? 9. did cola company pay for this video? Answer: Not at all, how come a company pays you while you show their product down? 10. why there are so many copies of this video on youtube? And which one is the original? Answer: first this video was produced for my metacafe channel, it was not on youtube first, then some people who liked the video, downloaded and uploaded it on youtube, but the original copy is this one you already watched, from Samimy-productions with this Egyptian music int the background. 11. Why Arabic Music? Answer: the video is slow, I needed a slow beat, steady track meanwhile to be Royalty Free, this one fit the video well, it was not chosen just because it was Arabic, it was chosen because the speed of the music matches the speed of the video sequences.meanwhile it is a nice music too if you stop being a racist. i am not Arab but i watch so many Arabic music on youtube even not sure what they say :) 12. Why did you boil the egg first? Answer: because if a raw egg loses its shell, it will make a mess of the coke and you wouldn't like to see it on youtube. 13. is cola very popular in Japan? Answer: not as much as it is in other countries, meanwhile cola in Japan tastes different than it tastes in other countries, it is too sweet and too deep in Japan, I don't like it anyway. 14. Who owns the copy right for this video? Answer: Samimy-Productions 15. Did you really wait for a year to make this video? Answer: while NASA tells you there is a huge black-hole in the center of a galaxy which is far about 40,000 light years from Earth, it does not mean NASA scientists have really traveled there to bring us this message, simply we believe what science says and approves. 16. There is another copy of this video on youtube which has got almost 10Milions of views but half of the ratings are down and dislikes, why it is? Answer: those dislikes are because of the crap music he used on the background of my video, he deleted the original music and used that junk instead, that is why most negative comments and ratings are about the music. *here is the link of coca-cola on wikipedia, make sure to read the health-effects first: now tell me that wiki article is fake too, well i haven't written that. Note: This is the Original Music used for this video from the day of Production. any other music with same video on youtube or other video hosts, could be an illegal copy of this video. -samimy- Music From: A Peter John Rose Production Name of the Track: Egyptian A Royalty Free Music check out my channel to see more projects from Samimy: End
Length: 01:58


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