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Re: Every Dog Must Know This: How To Train Your Dog To Stay

This video was made one and a half years ago, and I believe that my editing skills have increased greatly since then. So this is video is for the people who have been pleading me to re-release it for over a year. Sorry for the delay. However I plan to make a new slick version of how to teach a bombproof stay using clicker training shortly, as I am a perfectionist and this video could be confusing to a new puppy owner. The video will have short easy to understand steps, rather that this video which is more like a rant on using positive punishment. I must say that my beginning videos on youtube did have a hint of irritation and annoyance in them, as it seemed at the time- a couple years back, there were not really any videos on how to teach things with TRUE clicker training, just a mix and match medley of using a clicker and then punishing the dog... I have realized over the years that being annoyed gets you no where, with dog or people, and so, if youll notice, my recent tutorials are less abrasive. The basics of this technique- Instead of saying eh eh! as you add the distraction and the dog gets up, you are going to CLICK! the dog at the very same moment the distraction happens, telling them YES! For staying there, even in the presence of THAT! then once you are confident your dog will continue staying. Start to delay your click for longer and longer AFTER the distraction has already appeared. NEVER let the dog get the distraction, if they get up, BUT you can let the dog get the distraction AFTER you release them, so you could use a person as a distraction and then the reward for staying could be to go and say hi to the person. Thanks for watching, and heres a tip: if you are too slow to block your dog from getting to the distraction- have the dog on LEASH and throw the distractions just far enough away that the dog is unable to reach them anyway- at first. Another Tip:Always make the game increase in difficulty as the dog succeeds, you never want to get suck at the same level, or your dog will train you to stay at that level, they are highly intelligent Clicker training how to teach stay how to teach your dog to stay obedience competitive obedience clicker training a stay training a dog how to train a dog how to use a clicker to teach stay how to not use punishment to teach the stay behavior
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