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UPDATE: Kiko's eye is better!!!! So after just returning from the ER, after awaking to find one of Kikos eyes completely dilated and grey.. Im in a somber mood, so thought I would make a video with a sober soundtrack. Poor little Keeks, I always knew there was something wrong with her legs, but all the vets seemed to think she was just double jointed and there was no issue. Well her legs have been getting progressively worse, and so finally I went to a specialist who found out that she has no ankles (hocks). Instead of a ball and socket there are just two bones meeting. Nothing holding it together. I am in the process of making her leg braces, however it is a very tricky task. I have tried quite a few prototypes, with much failure. Either 1- the impose on Kikos movement 2- they dont stop the leg from inverting 3- are uncomfortable for her. So I have just been limiting her activity. Poor thing, another option was to have the bones in her legs fused together, but that would not enable her to curl up in a little ball like she loves to do each night. :( Luckily she is not in pain. You can actually see in the photographs of her running that her legs are bending the opposite way. They look like they are made of rubber. The pictures were taken at the lure course by someone called Gary Gionet back in 2007 during one of her runs. I got the pictures off the luratics website, and so hope that it is alright to use them in this video to remember how Kiko used to love the course a lure!
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