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How to train your dog to Cross their Paws

This is a clicker training video on how to teach your dog to cross their paws. If you dont have a clicker you can always use some other noise maker like a clicking pen, or just a word like "yes!" Any questions on dog training behavior modification feel free to write me a message! I love answering questions! Dog training san diego California clicker training how to train your dog to not pull now to train your dog to heel how to train your dog to leave it how to train your dog to positive reinforcement clicker training dog training Chihuahua poodle border collie Labrador beagle shepherd reactive shy sensitive untrained wild crazy to calm and relaxed building calmness using the clicker obedience lessons classes online free tips suggestions help on house training questions answers dog behavior calming signals dog training youtube dog trainer obedient dog happy dog amazing tricks talented dogs training your dog stop your dog from barking bark separation anxiety help with problems problem dog shelter dog questions answered sit down stand wait stay retrieve come settle well trained dog perfect puppy puppy socialization puppie Chihuahua chiuaua cute adorable help with training no punishment needed hound canine pooch dog training how to train your dog to come how to train your dog to sit training your dog to down talented dog training working with your dog walking nicely on leash walking jogging nicely on leash without using intimidation and manipulation last resort pound puppies safest method is clicker training dogs and kids dogs and babies clicker and positive reinforcement is the best There are many ways to teach this behavior. Another being, holding out your hand and asking the dog to "Shake" and then whipping your hand away so that the dogs foot lands on top of the other foot. There is also another way, where the trainer can lure the dog to the left or right when they are in the down position and the dog will naturally cross their paws to reach the treat, which you can use your clicker to capture. Let me know if you do succeed in getting your dog to cross their paws! Some dogs are easier than others! Kiko with her match stick legs (who NEVER crosses her paws hardly ever) was a challenge! Also pay attention to the way your dogs hips are laying. If they lay with their hips to one side, then it might be easier for them to cross their paws in one direction better than the other. If they are lying like a lion then they will be able to cross both ways with the same ease.
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