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Re: Every Dog Must Know This: How To Train Your Dog To Stay

"How to teach a bomb proof stay- without using punishment" This video is a response to Zak George's technique of teaching a stay. I just wanted to show people there IS a way to teach a dog ANYTHING you want to, without any form of intentional punishments, corrections, or intimidation. Zak I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wonderful Frisbee dog videos, your dogs and your training is remarkable, but I've got to show that there is another way besides using corrections and punishment. That's what youtube's all about? People with different ways of doing stuff? Rather than adding an extra cue "stay" I train the word "Sit" to mean keep sitting no matter what until I release you. Many trainers find it is much clearer than having a cue 'sit', AND 'sit stay'. When I use the term "clicker training" I mean it in the sense that the trainer who coined the term meant it- a subset of operant conditioning (using only positive reinforcement, extinction, and negative punishment) Simply meaning_- using rewards, ignoring, and removing a good thing. TRAIN IN SAFE ENVIRONMENTS, USE A TEATHERED LEASH TO MAKE SURE YOUR DOG NEVER GETS REINFORCED FOR GETTING UP! The great thing about clicker training is that it's always the trainers fault if the animal is doing the behavior wrong. "You get what you click." If your dog is breaking a clicker trained stay, you've got to reassess YOUR timing, criteria, rate of reinforcement, and weather your reinforcer is in fact a reinforcer. HAPPY TRAINING! Splash! is 14 weeks in this video! P.S. Guess what? It's not that simple! Now after you have proofed your dog on every distraction imaginable, you have to work on Distance and Duration! And then add the three together- Distance, Duration AND Distraction- THEN you will have a bomb proof stay!
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