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David duChemin: The moment matters. The moment you experience something, even a short thing like - let's see, I've got this one here. I've got this boy. This is in Varanasi, India, and this little thing here is a paper kite that's falling out of the sky. He was jumping from boat to boat. I have frames where he's jumping, and they were OK. I liked them, but what I loved was this posture of supplication. Even if you don't know he's catching or trying to catch something falling out of the sky or if you don't know what it is, it's almost like he's looking at the sky going, "Why me?" There's this feeling. But, I watched him for maybe 20 minutes, and I caught a lot of different moments. Only one or two of the moments that I actually caught represented the whole experience for me, because you and I experience moments in much broader periods of time. As I talked about, flattening the three-dimensional world into two - that's spatial - we're also compressing a temporal thing. We're flattening time so that that 10-minute moment, that 10-second moment, it can only be represented really by one frame. That means there are a lot of frames that aren't going to do it, and that's a challenge. That means the moment matters. You can't just take any photograph, and it represents the moment you were feeling. You're looking for a gesture that is representative. If he'd been standing there like this. It would have just been a kid standing on a boat. If I'd caught him after the thing went in the water, and he turned around and was looking out, and all I could see was the back of his head, it would have been a very different photograph. It would have been one of the moments in this scene that I still remembered, but to get this scene to feel the way I wanted it to, to be the way I wanted, I needed a representative gesture, and that meant the moment mattered.
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