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New Aquarium Plants, Lost A Fish

So i went to the local fish store today talked to my man casey who sold me the 125, and I talked to the store owner and my plant order came in today, my electric blue rams and filter sock 7 inch, didn't come in yet. They'll be in later, I also asked if they had a male angel to go with my female blushing, and he has a beautiful marble angel which is a little bigger then the ones i have now. I'm going to get himeventually, he knows its a male because it was a pair with another angel which got sold to a local fish owner aquarist. So for the plants i got crypt spirallis jungle vals rotala indica rotala magenta rotala nanjenshan ludwigia ovals ludwigia repens java moss. so the 125 is a dirted tank with clay root tabs and peat moss calicum its a loaded dirt recipe, i've got to hook up my DIY co2 system and spray bar i also have ich in my aquarium and i got some kordon rid ich to get rid of the ich ick. check out the aquarium guys thanks a lot comment rate and subscibe this is the best aquarium huge aquarium fish tank muahahha how to kill how to treat ich ick kordon ich attack rid ich
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