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Salt Fresh Pond Farm Update

first update is on the 55 gallon reef fowlr tank with a yellow tang occelaris nemo clownfish royal grama blue green reef chromis niger trigger codny anemone christmas tree worms. and the live rock is fiji and man made live rock i've got about 1800 gph on that tank i use chemipure elite. For the pond its getting cold and i've switched to wheat germ food microblift legacy koi and goldfish food. i've taken out all the pond floater water hyacinths and lettuces the lilies are still in the pond i left the native indigenous plants there. koi and sarassa comments and shubunkins and a ryukin goldfish in there. the pond is pretty big water fall about to go on it and a deicer maybe an airpump too for the 125 planted tank its a lot going on from the sump to diy co2 to generator to reactor diffusers my angels are in the marble mated pair koi angel gold veil blushing rainbow fish neon tetras serpae tetra odyssea lights swords cory cats so much going on i just ordered an eheim jager heater 300 watts
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