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Questions Answered Neon Tetras Enter!!

So here are the questions answered asked by subscribers and viewers alike. I had fun with this a lot of people turned out and asked me questions. Thank you for taking part in the video. I want to do more videos where i can interact with the viewers like this more often. So keep watching the video and you will see i went to the local pet store or fish store and got myself some neon tetras I got 10 neon tetras but i already have one in the 125 gallon aquarium fish tank. so with fish like tetras cichlids blue green reef chromis you want to have an odd number of that species so not everyone has another fish to pick on your pester or bully. it leads to less stress to the fish. so this is the 125 gallon aquarium i'm staff on and if you need any help with freshwater to saltwater to ponds let me know. i use dirt and i have one of the best dirts on the site i use non organic and organic dirt i use dirt that promotes good root growth on your plants, some that has iron and such in it, and i also use a type of clay in the dirt mixture called laterite clay, it is found in the natural stream beads of Africa and such. plants grow a lot better in this that gravel alone because it supplies vital nutrients for the plants such as iron and potassium to help promote cell structure and plant growth. in the 125 i have neon tetras seprae tetras a white better rainbow fish bala sharks and something else idk but my angelfish are going into the tank too once i get my oddysea heater. my filtration o this tank is Superior and i think i can honestly say it will be better then any ehiem product the filtration system is diy mainly it runs with overflow and a return pump i'm using saltwater filtration systems on a freshwater fish tank. it'll go through a micron sock and a biofilter as well and a diy co2 generator filter and reactor diffuse and it will have a place where co2 can disolve 100 percent. and it is a never ending cycle. aquarium
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