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125 Gallon Aquarium: Laterite Clay Part 2.

So this is going to be my 125 gallon planted 6 foot long aquarium. This aquarium was bought used from my friend kasey. So i put down my dirt in this tank, its a mixture of organic dirt peat moss, and different types of non organic. It also has a little bit of calcium to buffer out the peat moss from lowering my pH too much. The calcium should raise it back up from what the peat moss lowered down. Now i'm putting Pure Laterite Clay on top of the dirt. Then finally capping it with gravel. If you shop around you can find you can get a 50 pound bag of gravel at lowes for around 3.88 when you get a 5 pound bag for around 4 four dollars, if you go to lowes or home dept, and DIY DO IT YOURSELF you will save 10 ten times the amount. I got into the dirt tank by watching dustinsfishtanks and I registered on a while back. The site has taught me a lot, and I have taught the site a lot. I am greatful for that site, it is really nice. If you have the chance you should check it out. Very friendly environmental, if you have a question me or maybe some other member of the site will help you out. So this tank is going to turn into a high tech planted tank, I am going to rely on more of my dirt and then anything else, with good dirt i will not need as high light demands for the Asian planted tank or biotype i am going for in this tank. So with good light and dirt i don't need as much of co2, though I will put a little bit of co2 in this system, though i don't think i will need it. I won't run an airstone because of the overflows in the back i'll be killing three birds with one stone. I won't need air nor filter nor water flow. It will all be taken care of through the return pump. So yes i will hae a diy sump underneath the aquarium. It won't be reef style it will really only remove solid waste have a spot for chemical filtration. And finally clean water to return to the main display tank. So please stay tune to my channel i do other tanks planted tanks ponds planted ponds saltwater maine reefs. please check out my channel thank you very much for checking out my video(s). Please comment rate and subscribe. also add me to your favorties. If you want to do a sub for a sub, we can do that too just let me know.
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