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Wayne's Insight: Episode 2 HOW TO TREAT ICH ICK

So this is how you treat ich ick. This works for freshwater ich ick saltwater ich ick and even brackish and pond ich ick. A lot of people think of ich ick being a fungus or diesses when it is not. Ich is actually a parasite so you must treat it like one. If done correctly ich can be kept under control very quick even without medications. Ich basically has two life spans, sometimes it has two, sometimes it does not. It all depends on how severe the case of ich is, and how many species or fish are contaminated with ich. The less you have in your aquarium the less likely it is to come back for round two. The more fish caught with ick the more likely it is to come back in your tank a second time. The reason ich or ick comes back is because it is a parasite, and it breeds. It will have babies not able to see with the naked eye. Then as the ich ages you see more of it. Ich also has a short life span. You can shorten the lifespan dramatically by raising the temperature. In some environmental ich can not occur because the water is to warm, such as discus tanks. You should do your research and if your fish, live plants and what ever you have in the tank such as corals or whatever can take the high temperature you should raise it as high as you can, i ususally do 81 in all my tanks the high the temp the faster ich will die. You can use many different types of medications to treat ich ick. A lot of them work great, shane from churchhealszpimapact uses Rid Ick which works fast, but is risky with sensitive organisms. I use ICk Attack made by kordon. It's 100% percent organic but works great. It's perfectly safe to use in searhorse clams corals sps lps softies leathers what have you, and live plants and fish. So check out my video and I'll walk you through it 125 GALLON PLAYLIST: 1,500 GALLON KOI POND PLAYLIST: WAYNE'S INSIGHT PLAYLIST: 10 GALLON BETTA LAGOON PLAYLIST: 29 GALLON AMAZON TANK PLAYLIST: 10 GALLON SERPAE CENTRAL PLAYLIST: 10/20 GALLON REEF PLAYLIST: 55 GALLON FOWLR SALTWATER TANK:
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