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How To: Do a Water Change on an Aquarium.

How to do a water change on an aquarium fresh water water change siphon how to start a siphon python drain the water to a certain percent of the aquarium water comes out of it you water to take out a 10 percent once a week or 25 percent every two to three weeks. do not take all your fish rocks and plants out your loosing beneficial bacteria that converts ammonia into nitrite and then into nitrate you want to fill it back with some de-chlorinated water. this is also a good time to clear your filter out and replace your carbon in your aquarium if you have a filter rise out the filter pads with tank water or over the sink, yes you'll loose some bacteria but not all of it also just replace your carbon through aquatech purigen or chemipure chemi-pure eliete chemi-clean Ludwigia narrow leaf, pond ludwigia, ludwigia repens and some rare ludwgia. It has rotala wallichii rotala nanjenshan rotala indica moss ball dwarf sag anubius anubius nana driftwood P. Stellatus java fern christmas xmas moss. Its a 10 gallon tank wit a betta and five seprae tetras and now a gold angelfish. i do a lot of waterchanges on this tank, this is a dirt tank thanks dustinsfirsttanks dustin takashi amano newyork steelo lafishguys aquarium maintenance
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