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What's in "joe's" nail bag?....check it out

What's a nail bag anyway? A nail bag is a "collection" of bags you wear when carrying tools & yes......nails...or screws. You don't have to just carry nails in a nail bag....that's just what they call it. "Joe" carries all kinds of things in his nail bag. Want to be ready for your project?.....get a nail bag then, so you can carry your tools & "stuff". Be ready for just about anything by wearing a nail bag. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone "attempt" to do "any kind" of project without a nail bag on. Back & forth they go to get this....or that. It's just not efficient to work without a nail bag. You always know where your "tools" are &/or nails, screws, anchors, whatever. Watch & see what "joe" carries in his nail bag so he's ready for just about anything.
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