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Anthem of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

Death or Freedom (Chechen: Jo?alla mar?o Ya) is the national anthem of the separatist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Words by Abuzar Aydamirov.Music by Ali Dimaev or Umar Beksultanov.Adopted: 1992Lyrics:(In Latin alphabet)B?ysanna borz exka? d?nen?u devlla txo,J?yranna lom u?u? txa? ?era? texkina.Lailaha illAllah?rzoniy? banna?ka? nano?ka daqina,Tarxa? ?e? doy ?iyzo day?a txo jamiyna..Lailaha illAllahXalkhanna, Maxkana nano?a q?llina,C?r?inna e?na?o?, mayra djahittina.Lailaha illAllahLamana? le?ar?iy mar?one? qiiyna,Xalonex, boxamex kurra ?eqdiylina.Lailaha illAllahMoqaza lamana? da? xila lalarax,Daxare?, khiysame? ya? oxa djalura yac!Lailaha illAllahBos j?r?a va latta molxanax lelxarax,Txe?an siy d?xkina, txo l?tta d?rzura dac.Lailaha illAllahTxo cqa? c?annenna khardella sovcur dac,Jo?alla, ya Mar?o -- ?inne? c?a? yoqqur yu...Lailaha illAllahYi?ar?a txa? ?evna? e?ar?ca erzayo,?omsar?u bj?rga?a ??nar?na ?ittado.Lailaha illAllahMaccalo ?ovzada?, orama? duur du,?ogallo txa? bjarzda?, becan txi? miyra du!Lailaha illAllahB?ysanna borz exka? d?nen?u devlla du,Xalkhana, Maxkana, Dalla ? m?tha? du.Lailaha illAllahTranslation:We were born at night when the she-wolf whelped,In the morning, to lion's deafening roar, they named usThere is no god but AllahIn eagles' nests our mothers nursed us,To tame wild bulls our fathers taught us.There is no god but AllahOur mothers raised us to dedicate ourselves to our Nation and our Homeland,And if our nation needs us we're ready to fight the oppressive hand.There is no god but AllahWe grew up free as eagles, princes of the mountains.There is no threshold from which we will shy away.There is no god but AllahSooner will cliffs of granite begin to melt like molten lead,Than any one of us shall lose our honor in life's struggles.There is no god but AllahSooner shall the Earth be swallowed up by the broiling sun,Than we emerge from a trial in life without our honor!There is no god but AllahNever to bow our heads to anyone, we give our sacred pledge,To die or to live in freedom is our fate.There is no god but AllahOur sisters heal our brothers' bloody wounds with their songs,Lovers' eyes will supply the strength of arms.There is no god but AllahIf hunger weaken us, we'll gnaw on the roots of trees,And if thirst debilitates us, we'll drink the dew from the grass.There is no god but AllahFor we were born at night when the she-wolf whelped.We pledge our lives to God, Nation and Vainakh homeland.There is no god but Allah
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