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National Anthem of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

San Min Chu-i (English: Three Principles of the People) is the national anthem of the Republic of China (Taiwan).Lyrics三民主義,吾黨所宗,以建民國,以進大同。咨爾多士,為民前鋒;夙夜匪懈,主義是從。矢勤矢勇,必信必忠;一心一德,貫徹始終。Hanyu PinyinS?nm?n Zh?y?, w?d?ng su? z?ng;Y? ji?n M?ngu?, y? j?n d? t?ng.Z?'?r du? sh?, w?i m?n qi?nf?ng;S? y? f?i xi?, zh?y? sh? c?ng.Sh? q?n sh? y?ng, b? x?n b? zh?ng;Y? x?n y? d?, gu?nch? sh?zh?ng.TranslationThree Principles of the People,The foundation of our party.Using this, we establish the Republic;Using this, we advance into a state of total peace.Oh, you, warriors,For the people, be the vanguard.Without resting day or night,Follow the Principles.Swear to be diligent; swear to be courageous.Obliged to be trustworthy; obliged to be loyal.With one heart and one virtue,We carry through until the very end.Performed by Taiwanese indigenous singer, Gaojing Sumei.
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