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National Anthem of Democratic Kampuchea

Democratic Kampuchea was a communist government existing between 1975 and 1979 that ruled Cambodia in Southeast Asia. National anthem: "Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey (Khmer: ????????????????????????) or Glorious Seventeenth of April. Lyrics: Jh?m kraham cr?l scor srab kru? v?l kambuj? m?tubh?m jh?m kammakar kasekar ?a uttam jh?m yuddhajan yuddhanari pa?ivatt. Jh?m prae kl?y j? ka?hi? khl??? kl? ta ?? mo? mut ?ap' pr?? b?r mes? krom da?' pa?ivatt jh?m ra??o? phut b? bh?b kh?u? ge. J?yo j?yo tap' pr?? b?r mes? jog jay mah? asc?ry m?n n?y dha? dhe? loes sam?y a?gar! Yoe? ruop ruom gn? ka s?? kambuj? n?? sa?gam thm? pavar praj? dhipateyy samabh?b n?? yutti dharm t?m m?rg? mc?s' k?r ekar?j r?? m?? ptej?? ??c' kh?t k?rb?r m?tubh?m d?k ?? uttam pa?ivatt ?? ru? r?oen! J?yo j?yo j?yo kambuj? thm? praj? dhipateyy sa?p?r thku? thkoe? ptej?? jro? grav? da?' pa?ivatt kraham khbas' ?oe? s?? m?tubh?m yoe? oy ca?roen lot phlo? mah? ru? r?oe? mah? asc?ry! Translation: The bright red blood Was spilled over the towns and over the plain of Kampuchea, our motherland, The blood of our good workers and farmers and of Our revolutionary combatants, of both men and women. Their blood produced a great anger and the courage To contend with heroism. On the 17th of April, under the revolutionary banner, Their blood freed us from the state of slavery. Hurrah for the glorious 17th of April! That wonderful victory had greater significance Than the Angkor period! We are uniting To construct a Kampuchea with a new and better society, Democratic, egalitarian and just. We follow the road to a firmly-based Independence. We absolutely guarantee to defend our motherland, Our fine territory, our Magnificent revolution! Hurrah for the new Kampuchea, A splendid, democratic land of plenty! We guarantee to raise aloft and wave the red banner of the revolution. We shall make our motherland prosperous beyond all others, Magnificent, wonderful!
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