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SOUND DESIGN TERROR TRIAL! : Friday 101 (Featuring a Special Appearance For Our 1000TH VIDEO!)

Download "Knock" from Loga Films HERE: MIRROR: Terror Trial -- Sound Design: Rules/Directions: 1) Download the video file from the link above. 2) Import the video to your editing timeline, using the VIDEO track, but not the AUDIO track. 3) Starting from silence, use any combination of sounds, music, or voiceovers to do the video's sound design. (NO copyrighted music allowed!) 4) Finished videos should be between 60 and 90 seconds. You can use a 60-90 second part of the video as it is, or you can recut the video however you like. Be creative! 5) Winners will be picked based on both OVERALL TECHNICAL QUALITY and also ORIGINALITY. You can change the entire plot if you want! Let your imagination run wild! 6) Upload your video to Youtube, public or unlisted, and email the link to us at [email protected], subject line: TERROR TRIAL - SOUND DESIGN 7) On November 2nd, winners will be announced! THIS WEEK'S VIDEO LINKS FOR SMARTPHONE/TABLET USERS: If you need free sound effects for the contest, check out my episode on sound effects HERE: For free music, check out this episode HERE: And to see the original video, click Here: THIS VIDEO IS INDY MOGUL'S 1000TH UPLOAD! THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANS WHO HELPED MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! Russ has returned from his honeymoon with a Terror Trial just in time for the end of October! See above for all the rules and such! A wedding video themed episode will be coming in a few weeks to a month, so we'll get more into that on a future episode! If you have a question, are seeking advice (FILMMAKING advice, Russ is NOT, in fact, a licensed therapist), or were just wondering about anything at all film or video related, send an email to: [email protected] Even quick, simple questions will do. Have something to add to any of the topics we discussed on this episode? Send us a video response, or a Youtube link via email, and record yourself weighing in! If you have made a movie and want advice as to how it could be better, send a Youtube link, listed or unlisted, to: [email protected] and let Russell know you want your movie put on THE CHOPPING BLOCK! Intro Video by Anthony De Coninck (aka Stylow) Theme Music by Abhilash Buch Additional Music Created Using: Smartsound Sonicfire Pro Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod "Bicycle"
Length: 06:17


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