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Sony Vegas Tutorial || Effect #82

Hey guys, Stephy (BlackRoseProdzZ) here! I proudly announce myself as a new member of theGangstatutorials and I share with you a simple picture effect that people often ask about ? It can be also made with two, or more pics -- it's all the same. Hope this helped & I'm here for any requests !!! Here are the stuff you need to do, step by step :: 1) You have to duplicate the video track with the coloring. When you click in the middle of a current track, with the right mouse button, a menu with options appear. You need to choose "DUPLICATE TRACK" in order to make exact copy of the original. For three pictures, you will need three tracks!!! 2) When you have chosen the pictures, ADD them to the tracks, crop them and fit them to the beat. The pic that will be in the middle of the screen, must be at the top, i.e. it must be on channel number 1. 3) Then we step forward with MOVING and ZOOMING the individual pictures!!! Preferably if the project settings are with resolution 1280x720p., then you need to use "16:9 Widescreen TV aspect ratio". After that, FITTING the pictures is a personal matter of taste. 4) Next step - "Cookie Cutter". For all the pictures it's IMPORTANT to follow the "SQUARE" shape with value 7 on the "Repeat Y" setting of the CC !!! - The SIZE I used for my tutorial is 0,180 for each picture, but it can vary according to the image size =) - The pictures on the left and the right side of the screen will be horizontally moved around the screen center according the value of the "X" axis. When you type value between 0 - 0,500; the image shows on the left side of the screen, when you type value between 0,500 -- 1,000; the image will appear on the right side of the screen !!! 5) Fit to Move !!! You can't leave your pictures just stand there without moving, because it would look stiff, so... - Open the "Event Pan Crop" - Make a point at the begging & point at the end of each pic. - Move it up, down, zoom it in, or zoom it out! Whatever you want !!! 6) EXTRA TWINKLING FINAL !!! If you want that blinking fade effect, you have to crop the image files somewhere at the end; thereby the blink fits to the beat! Cut them all at the same place, add fade, add black&white effect and follow the next step... 7) Add Sony Vegas Transmissions!!! If you got the New Blue FX Pack, that's a big PLUS, but if you don't - use the original Sony transmissions. I used:: - NewBlue AB Sketch\ Cartoon - for the blink; - NewBlue MB Roll\ Push Up or Push Down -- for the side pictures; - NewBlue MB Zoom\ Gentle Dissolve - for the image at the middle; 8) Last but not least, add Motion Blur !!! The value of the blur is your choice =) Enjoy it ! Thanks for watching !!!
Length: 03:05


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