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Glass Cutting Basics for Picture Framing

How to do-it-yourself instructional on cutting glass for picture framing and other handyman projects. Demonstrates cutting procedures and use of Cut-Running Pliers as well as a safe homemade alternative. OK today on Repairs101 we've got this piece of artwork here that has an unfortunate crack in the glass. And so I'm going to remove the glass, cut a new piece because it's a custom frame and it has a unique size that you can't just buy off the shelf. Here's a handful of framing tools that we'll be using and my framing supplies toolbox. Sitting on top of this replacement piece of glass we're going to be using which is UV glass. As you can see it's quite faded so we're going to put on a piece of UV glass. And give it that little bit of extra protection from light that is deteriorating the quality of this image. So being able to cut glass is a great skill to have. The tools are inexpensive for sure and you'll have a lot of opportunities to use it around the home if you're a handyperson. You might have broken window panes in your home that you need to replace, you might have a broken mirror that needs to be replaced or reframed or like this a piece of broken artwork. Now first up I'd say you may want to wear gloves. Now I'm going to do this barehanded but I recommend that you wear gloves when you do this. And for sure you're going to wear your safety glasses. Although there are a lot of more expensive options the most basic tool you need to do this job is this little thing right here. I'll show you that. There we go. As you can see, its got a wheel in the end of it made of high carbon steel and that's what does all the work. These notches right here, they're there as holds so you can grab on to a piece of glass and break it off like that. And of course the handle is very nice ergonomic handle and it also has a little ball on the end that's also used for tapping the glass along the scribe that you've made in order to ensure a break. So another tool you're going to need is the glass cut running pliers, also known as a glazer's pliers or a glass plier. So this is the way it works. As you scribe along the top of the piece of glass you get this underneath it and it levers it together and it separates it along your scribe. The original piece of glass is considerably smaller than the replacement piece that we've bought for it. So it's going to need to be cut down. It also has all the corners nipped off of it. We'll just take a Sharpie and trace it now obviously it's just going to give me a rough outline of where I need to cut. OK so in the spirit of measuring twice and cutting once I'm going to take a quick measurement and we'll start measuring. Just take a look at this. And we'll measure this one again of course just take two measurements. So the tracing is good. And I'm going to follow it as my guideline. The first thing I'm going to cut is the short edge because the shorter your run you're cutting the better off you are. And we're going to take a brand new Fletcher glass cutter -- the gold tip type, with the breaker ball on the end which I'm not sure I'm going to need. I'm going to apply a tiny drop of tenacious oil which is a very, very thick chain oil that is very much similar to gear oil. Say an eighty or ninety weight gear oil, if that's what you've got that's what I'd recommend. Anyway so that's just to make sure that the wheel rolls nice and easily across the surface. Line it up right the first time. There we go. There we go. There we go. OK so I've got it lined up to my liking I've got the -- maybe I'll add one more clamp to hold that in place to make sure it doesn't move when I make my cut. OK start beyond it, go right up against the ruler which you're using as a fence, and get started. [Glass cutting] And go right to the end and over the edge. [Glass cutting] OK and that's all there is to it. OK and then the last thing is to take your cut running pliers and snap the end. You want to line that up right on it right on the cut and then you see it just breaks like magic. Here we go here we go so we line it up just like that and there you go. You see that? No cuts, nothing to worry about but I recommend that you wear gloves . And then you just give it a little tiny gentle squeeze and as you can see it pops off clean and right into my hand. This time I'm going to use this much bigger set-square because unfortunately my favourite little steel ruler isn't long enough -- it's eighteen inches and we need to go across eighteen and a half. And you must score from edge to edge. You cannot start part way down and hope that it all works out OK. That's just not going to happen. And here we go. [Glass cutting] Now if for whatever reason you can't your hands on a pair of cut running pliers there's a civilized solution and it's not using your hands or using two pairs or ordinary pliers.
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