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READ DESCRIPTION! (Epic?) Collaboration Cube Solve

OK, so you wanna help out? Here's the stuff you MUST know before making your video. Actual solve: - Make sure you exactly follow the scramble - Check and double check your cube to make sure it matches mine/the CCT image. - Scramble with White-Up and Green-Front - Leave at LEAST 1 second before and after your turn so I have wiggle room when editing. - ANNOUNCE the move COMPLETELY before you do it. I don't want any lingering voice in the final product. -Do the move using the fingertrick you would have if you were actually doing the solve. We want this to mesh as well as possible. - Each of the CUBE ROTATIONS need a video as well. This brings the count to 61. Camera - Use the highest resolution you can. - Make sure there is NO background noise - Make sure you have good lighting -Center the cube in the shot as best you can. IMPORTANT Video - Use the following as the EXACT title of your video "TURN X for ECCS (Monkeydude1313)" Where X is the turn number. - In the description link people to this video so they can join if they want. - Make your video a video response to this one! IMPORTANT. - In the description clarify what your turn is For example: "This is the third move in the 2nd F2L Pair" Other: There are EXACTLY 61 moves in the solution. So I will be using 61 of your submitted videos. Please do your best to do a random move that no one else has done. If you read this right when it is uploaded, do NOT do turn 1, because then everyone will. Please do a random move. If two or more people do the same move, I will choose the best one (video quality, precise etc) to use in my video. The other ones will not be used. If you have ANY questions about this put them in the comment section of this video. I will be going through and answering them ALL. SCRAMBLE: Green-Front White-Up R2 B2 F2 U B2 L' R2 B2 F' L2 R2 D' B F2 U F' R B2 F U' B' F' L B2 D' For a diagram of how the scramble should look, click here. SOLUTION: Red-Front Yellow-Up Cross: F D' U2 R' F Pair 1 (RB) : L' U' L U' L' U L Pair 2 (OG) : y D' R U2 R' D Pair 3 (BO) : R' U' R U2 R' U R Pair 4 (GR) : U2 L' U L U y' R U' R' OLL : U' r U' r' U' r U r' y' R' U R PLL : U2 R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' If videos are made that do not work, I will contact the uploader and ask them to make a better one. If they do not respond within 24 hours I will find someone else.
Length: 06:24


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