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home made led light back drop or dj skirt intructions thanks to youtube user musiconthemove --------------- to make an easy effective light backdrop using led lights you will need .... some scissors plenty black cotton / sewing needles / black medium weight cloth size entirely up to you my cloth was 10.00 and was a lightweight school trouser fabric. i made mine to fit on my gantry approx 6 feet wide 5-6 feet drop , now the led s erm dont worry now you can buy them ready made you can buy them from JTF wholesalers cash n carry in there christmas section exactly how you used to buy tree christmas lights from small 40 led upto 240 leds i bought 160 leds on a pre wired chain set paid 10.00 for them now the box company name is christmas collection on box they are spaced 10 cm apart bulb rating 3v 0.06watt made in china but still good quality they are leds but not rounded at the tip they have a flat edge to them. jtf have website or branches are all over uk they are in leeds /warrington /sheffield/ lincoln preston/newcastle/wednesbury/stoke tele no is on there site,you might have to get a member to purchase them as it is cash n carry. but then again some other stores will be selling led christmas lights no doubt.wilkinsons your poundland etc. the transformer comes also in the box 24.v/10.8VA OK LAY OUT YOUR BLACK FABRIC ON THE FLOOR YOU WILL NEED PLENTY OF ROOM AND A HALF DESCENT BASIC SEWING SKILL , OK START FROM THE BOTTOM LEFT HAND CORNER ,REASON FOR THIS 1 THE POWER IS BETTER OFF NEAR THE FLOOR AND THE CORNER OF BLACK FABRIC, STEP - 1 LAY THE 1ST BULB FROM THE POWER SUPPLY END ON THE CORNER PRICK A SMALL HOLE IN THE FABRIC AND SLIDE IN YOUR LED LIGHT THEN WORK FROM LEFT TO RIGHT SEWING EACH ONE WITH BLACK NEEDLE N COTTON THIS CAN BE PAINSTAKINGLY LONG BUT REMEMBER YOUR SAVING DOLLARS,YOU BASICALLY NEED TO SECURE THE LED TO THE FABRIC IF YOU DO IT RIGHT YOU WILL PINCH THE FABRIC TO THE LED EXAMPLE A BIT LIKE PUTTING A TOBACCO CIGARETTE FILTER FROM A ROLL UP CIGGY LET THE LED SIT IN FABRIC N PINCH WITH YOUR FINGERS THEN SEW TO FABRIC .WRAPPIN PLENTY OF COTTON AROUND THE LED I WENT ROUND ABOUT 12 - 15 TIMES WITH BLACK COTTON NICE N SECURE LEDS DONT DROP BACK OUT HOPE THIS HELPS LOL . STEP 2 - 2ND BULB IN CHAIN DO SAME AGAIN BUT DONT PULL CORD TIGHT LEAVE IT SLACK OTHERWISE YOU GET GATHER OF FABRIC NOT GOOD. SEW THEM NEATLY AS POSSIBLE IM NO EXPERT BUT I MADE A GOOD JOB ,KEEP THEM IN A STRAIGHT LINE AS BEST YOU CAN YOU WILL SEE A LED SEQUENCE APPEAR IF YOU TRY PUTTING LIGHTS ON AFTER 2 ROWS ETC THERES A PATTERN YOU THEN WORK TO. IF YOU WANT SEW THE BULB TO FABRIC FAIRLY TIGHTLY .P.S YOU WILL GET A SMALL GATHER OR CREASE BUT DONT WORRY DO IT EVERY TIME WHEN YOU COMPLETE YOU DONT SEE IT, DO A ROW AT A TIME NOW I SEWN 24 IN A LINE THEN CAME TO THE END OF FABRIC THEN I SEWN THE NEXT ONE SLIGHTLY ABOVE THE LAST ONE ON THAT ROW .LOOKED A LITTLE OUT OF SEQUENCE BUT AFTER A FEW ROWS COMES GOOD OK. NOW WHEN FINISHED TURN THEM ON GET YOUR SMOKY JOE SMOKE MACHINE TURN DOWN THE ROOM LIGHTS N LET RIP , YOU WILL BE AMAZED ITS LIKE HAVE LOADS OF LED PARCANS RIP TRULY AMAZING I MADE THIS FOR 20.00 AND ITS GOOD OR EVEN BETTER THAN EBAY ONES AND DJ SHOPS . ANYWAY CHEERS N DEARS MARK MUSIC ON THE MOVE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HERES THE WAY TO SEW THEM IN FORMAT SO YOU GET EG BLUES N REDS IN SEQUENCE YELLOW N GREENS ETC THEN YOU GET SYMETRICAL EFFECTS R = RED B = BLUE G = GREEN Y = YELLOW LEDS OK TOP OF FABRIC YOU CAN PUT A HEM OR ADD VELCRO LOOPS TO ATTACH TO YOUR T BAR OR TRUSSING . LAST LED IN CHAIN R-----------B-----------G------------Y--------------R------------B------------G-------------Y I I I R------------B-----------G------------Y--------------R------------B-------------G-------------Y I I I R------------B------------G------------Y-------------R------------B-------------G-------------Y I I START OF LED I CHAIN I R-------------B-------------G------------Y------------R------------B--------------G-------------Y I HOPE YOU GET THE IDEA IF YOU DO IT LIKE THIS YOU WILL GET REALLY GOOD MULTI FLASHING EFFECTS LIKE BOXES N LINES OF BLUE LINES OF GREEN N YELLOW LIKE MATRIX COLOR EFFECTS LINES OF RED ETC , THE LED LIGHTS ARE MULTI COLOURED YOU HAVE THE LITTLE HAND CONTROLLER THAT GIVES MANY MODES LIKE STEADY ON / QUICK FLSH N STROBE OR FULL ON OR RANDOM.
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