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What can the SDJ1 from American Audio do?

American Audio SDJ1 In this video I take a look at the SDJ1 from American Audio a unit for the dj that can use 2 Cards that you fill with mp3 files and basicaly plug in and play. toons are " keep it going" by Ricardo Raes, and Groove bug. The unit will come with 1 X 1GB SD card. and the card holder for the usb port. ------------------------------------------- DJ Spotlight Meet Brian Redd "DJ Tutor USA" You've probably seen him on YouTube, teaching DJs everything from how to set pre-fades on their mixers, to demo-ing American DJ's latest gear. It's no wonder Milwaukee-based Brian Redd has become known as "DJ Tutor USA"! Redd and his European tutoring partner Johnathan "Ellaskins" Lewis (DJ Tutor UK) have produced a combined total of more than 1,400 YouTube videos that teach DJs how to perform their craft. Amazingly, Redd and Lewis don't look to make a cent from their tutoring services. "That's my whole mission statement for everything I do on YouTube," said Redd. "I never want to charge anyone anything to share information. It's about all of us learning from each other -- the DJ community, really." Redd got involved in tutoring out of his own desire for more interactive instruction. More than 20 years ago, at age 13, he was thrust into the DJ booth at the local skating rink when the scheduled disc jockey failed to show up. "I had to figure everything out for myself," he recalled. And he did! After that, he moved into doing clubs and mobiles. At one point, he worked for a company that was running 20 mobile systems. "Every week I worked with somebody different. They were some of the most amazing people -- I learned so much from them. Then when we all went independent, I found I wasn't learning new things. There are so many books out there, but you can't interact with them. So one day I did a search for tutorials, and Johnathan popped up." Redd found Lewis's videos so helpful, that he decided to try making his own. Using a tripod, he shot them in what he calls his "dungeon." He showed them to Lewis -- and their trans-Atlantic collaboration began. "Johnathan actually called me on the phone and said, 'Looks like you've got a pretty good handle on the mobile stuff. Let's partner up and do this together.' He's very much a turntablist. "We speak all the time on Skype, throw ideas back and forth and decide what to do next. Sometimes we'll do tutorials on the exact same thing and get two different takes. That's good, because everyone does things a little differently." In January 2008, the two DJ Tutors met face-to-face for the first time when Lewis flew to Milwaukee, where he and Redd held the first annual Practice & N-Joy convention, named after their trademark video slogan. The event featured two days of hands-on instruction on today's hottest DJ gear, along with plenty of clubbing and idea-sharing among attendees. Like all of Redd and Lewis's tutorials, the event was totally free. Despite the reputation he's developing as a DJ Tutor, Redd remains incredibly modest about his accomplishments. "I'm average at best and I know that," he says. "But I'm the one who's getting out there and doing it. People say to me, 'What if someone comes along who's better than you.' I say, 'Good, then I get to learn something.' It's not about who's better or more popular. It's about sharing information together. Let's all learn from each other!" To see Brian Redd give a demo of American DJ's new Revo LED Scanners click here:
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