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THE YOUTUBE STORY PART 1, GOTO DISCRIPTION!!!!! PLEASE READ!!! Ok this is what you need to do. Listen to my part one and as a video responce to my part one do a part two. only!!! part two!!! can be posted as video responces to my part one, then in turn if you like a story line/ video / from the selection of all the part two videos , you need to follow on from that particular part two and then do a video responce to the one you liked. for example, 1 is my video , lets say we get 10 x part 2, you like the 4th part 2 so follow the story line and respond your video to this, then your video will be part 3. You may then get 1,2,3,4,5,20 video responces to your story line , and in turn a new youtuber will respond to one of the video under your video and the story will continue. At any time along the line the story can end, but with so many story lines we could have one set going on to part 300! THE LOGIC IS NO MATTER HOW MANY VIDEOS I GET UNDER THIS ONE YOU NEED TO PUT PART TWO UNDER MY VIDEO. THEN FOLLOW !! ANY!! PART TWO AND IF YOU LIKE IT DO A PART 3( but put your part 3 as a video responce to the part two you like) , AND SO ON. try to follow on from part one and make your video last a few min. The idea is that other youtubers will listen to all or a few of the part two storys and if they like one they can do a part 3 and link this to the one (part 2 ) they like. then you listen to all the part 3 storys or just one part 3 and do a part 4 and link this to the part 3 and so on!! LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!! REMEMBER TO MAKE YOUR PART OF THE STORY AS MAD / WACKY/ EXCITING/ AS YOU WANT!!, WHO KNOWS THIS MAY ONE DAY EVEN GET IN PRINT!!!, OR WE COULD HAVE A 100 BOOKS!!!! THANKS j
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