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Story time for old and young!! A long time ago in a land about 3 miles away from the local chip shop there lived a cat and his name was sid!. Yesterday i decided to go for a walk up the road and on the way i met a man from the "boo boo" tribe he was wearing a long black coat made of straw and he had big boots on painted green!. I said "hi how are you" and he said nothing, so i decided to go in to my house and have a bath! After about 6 months i felt a little cold so on getting out of the bath i noticed i had grown 5 inches taller! I decided to call the doctor! on ariving at the doctors she told me that i must walk at least 3 feet a day and go and see my aunt in Africa. On the way to my aunts in France as i looked out of the plain, and i saw a girl swimming in the sea, i shouted to het how are you? and she said nothing as she could not hear me because i was over 10,000 feet abover her., DOH! When i finaly arived at my aunts in New york i noticed a small pink mouse on the run way. --------------------------------------- dear sir , i am pleased to say that i now feel fine and the pills are working! ------------------------------------- My aunt was ok and was pleased to see me. She talked about her hike to the top of Everest and how she had battled with a chimp over a cup of tea in Paris! i then asked her if she would like to go for a walk, and she said NO! On our walk we met up with the man with the boots on, i said " have you been following me?" he said no! ___________________ Further to my conversation i would like to point out that i am not happy with the way you have replaced my wifes leg as every time i try to kiss her she kickes me! --------------------------------- On getting home after my stay with my sister in Oxford i walked in the house only to find that the roof had come off and it had been replaced with a cows udder! I contacted the farmer who lives up the road and was told by his son that he had just gone to town to buy some fish! Please remember that you may think i am mad!, i could be ? , or perhaps it's the world that is mad around us all!!!??? PRACTISE AND N JOY!! : ) ps , if you are watching this in Jan 2008 remember to go to the web site and enter the competition to win the KAM laser cluster!
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