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Vinyl, CDJ, or PC DJ, which one is the future?? PLEASE COMMENT AND GIVE YOUR THOUGHTS, Some good and bad points from a youtube user. CD plus +The equipment takes up less room. +You can carry far more music. +You can afford more music. +If you've already got a CD collection, you can play it. +Major labels have started releasing certain mixes of tunes on CD only. +Most dance producers press up test CDs of their new tracks or work in progress (where in the past they would have made acetates). +You can burn tunes straight from your computer to a CD, including homemade tracks and downloaded MP3's CD minus. -The controls on CD players can vary wildly. You may have mastered your own, but if a club uses a different model, you can have considerable problems. -Not all venues have full CD mixing facilities. -On all but the most expensive models you can't see what's going on (where the breakdowns are etc..), so you have to really know your tunes. -You can't do many of the hiphop and scratch styles with CDs ( although new equipment exists to let you try). -Independent and underground labels still favour vinyl-only releases, though increasingly you can also buy their tracks as downloads (and you can always record vinyl or downloads to CD). -Once you're bitten by the DJ bug you'll probably want to get into vinyl as well.
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