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How to Breastfeed: Breastfeeding Supplies

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: The only essentials for breastfeeding are your breasts and your baby, but there are also many helpful breastfeeding products on the market, depending on your needs. Nursing bra: a supportive bra that mothers wear during the time they are lactating. These usually have an opening that makes it easy to access the breast for nursing. A nursing bra isn't vital, but it can make nursing easier. If you do choose to buy a nursing bra, it's important to shop for one at the very end of your pregnancy. At that time, your breasts may have grown a bit and they'll likely be that size after the baby is born. Some breastfeeding supply shops might even have a person who can professionally fit your nursing bra. Nursing bras used to come in very limited colors but now they can be a variety of colors, prints and fabrics. Some even have underwire to add extra support. Nursing pad: an absorbent pad that fits inside the nursing bra to protect your clothing from breast milk leaks.?Do not get pads that have a non-breathable backing because you'll want air to get through the nursing pad.? You can get disposable pads at your local drugstore. They come in many different brands.?You can also buy nursing pads in cotton, wool or even bamboo. These are better for the environment, because you can wash them and reuse them instead of throwing them away. For more information on nursing pads, you can ask for recommendations from other moms that have already used them. Nursing pillow: a pillow that?helps to bring your baby to breast height. This helps you avoid leaning over and straining your neck, back and shoulders.? Nursing pillows are not vital for successful nursing.?Many mothers find that a normal bed pillow or sofa pillow will help just as much for baby support. Nursing pillows?can be extremely helpful for mothers of twins, because they do a good job of supporting two babies. These pillows come in different shapes, sizes and?styles, some firm and others more flexible. It's best to decide if you need one after you've already given birth. Nursing clothes: tops and dresses specifically designed with nursing mothers in mind.?Nursing clothes are designed with special openings that are usually invisible to the eye. These allow moms to nurse easily without having to remove clothing. For example, it's very hard to access the breast while wearing a one-piece dress. Nursing clothes also help to keep the breast covered up while breastfeeding in public. Baby sling or wrap: a piece of clothing used to carry your baby close to you, making it easier for them to access the breast. In some slings, you can even nurse the baby inside the carrier. This gives them as much time to nurse as they need. Carrying your baby not only makes breastfeeding easier, it also?helps them grow optimally and?promotes good health. To learn more about baby-carrying, including information on the safest ways to carry your baby, visit the Babywearing International website at Read more by visiting our page at:
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