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Using Delay Effect - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Delay creates the effect of a hard surface reflecting the sound.?You can use delay on individual tracks, but in this tutorial, we've used it globally like we used reverb in the Use Reverb Effect lesson. Directions 1. Create a new Stereo Aux Input track and name it after your effect, DLY (an abbreviation of delay).?Click the top slot of the I/O menu, then choose a bus. 2. To add a delay effect to the aux track, click an empty insert section and?then?click? multichannel plug-in-- Delay--Medium Delay II (stereo). 3. Send a snare track to the aux track by first clicking on an empty send section in the snare track's channel strip. Choose the same bus that your DLY channel strip has. If you don't know what a send is or what an aux track is, review the Send and Aux Track lessons from the Learn Pro Tools 9: Part 1 course. The Delay Window The delay window features several sliders that you can adjust to control your delay effect. Because you chose a stereo effect, there are two panels of sliders. The Delay slider controls how long the delay will happen for. After that period of time, the sound will come back. For an even delay, set the Delay sliders to the same time on both panels. Raising the Feedback slider creates an echo effect on the track, making it into a loop that slowly gets softer. Read more by visiting our page at:
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