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Writing Plug in Automation - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: While listening to a track, you may be adjusting the parameters of a plug-in effect. You can choose to automate these changes, so that you don't have to change them again every time you play the track. In this tutorial, we'll create an?effect and then automate it. The effect we'll create is used often in pop songs and DJ songs. It?makes parts of the track sound muffled, as though you're listening to it underwater or from outside of the club where it's being played. It slowly dips down and then comes back up. The effect is made by using a low-pass filter and cutting all the highs. For?this tutorial, it'll be placed over the entire track. Step 1: Planning Out the Effect 1. Open up a session in Pro Tools and go to the mix window. At the top of the master track's channel strip, click on an empty insert and then click multichannel plug-in--EQ--EQ 3 7-Band (stereo). The 7-band window will open. 2. In the Low-Pass Filter (LPF) section, click the IN button to enable the parameter. Raise the octave to 24 dB/oct. 3. Play the track, and at the point you'd like to start the effect, turn the frequency down far enough that the track sounds muffled and almost inaudible. When you'd like the song to come back in, turn the frequency all the way back up. Step 2: Automating the Effect 1. At the top of the window, click on the button below the word Auto. This button features an icon with two windows. The button is in all of the plug-ins in Pro Tools, so you can use it to automate any of them. 2. On the left-hand side of the plug-in automation window, click to select the parameters you want to automate. Avoid selecting all of them—this eats up CPU power. Highlight all of the Low-Pass parameters. Click Add , then click OK. Back in the 7-band window, each control you've chosen will have a green box around it, and each knob will have a green light under it. 3. Now, go back to the mix window. On the master track channel strip, click the AUTO menu bar, then select write. The green boxes will turn red, as will the light below each knob. This means they're ready to be written. 4. Play the track. As it plays, adjust the knobs to your liking. Any change you make will be written into the automation. 5. Change the AUTO menu bar back to read (though leaving it on latch is also fine). The boxes and lights will turn green again. Now, whenever you play the track, the parameters will change automatically. Read more by visiting our page at:
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