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Learn GarageBand in 30 Days: Track Overview

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS What Is a Track in GarageBand? A track is an individual instrument in your musical composition. Since each track is separate, you can manipulate, control, edit and hear the instruments individually. Select a Track It's important to keep your tracks organized, especially if you have similar instruments. To start editing a track, click on the empty regions of the left sidebar. The track will light up to show that you're working on it. Edit the Track Title It's easier to organize your tracks by giving them individual names. Rename a track by clicking on the name. A text box will appear and you can type in a new track name. Record Enable ButtonThe left button of the track is the red?Record Enable?button. This button allows for multiple track recording, which is when you can record two or more tracks simultaneously. To do this, click the Record Enable buttons of the tracks you want to record, then click the Record button at the bottom of the page.? Mute Button Next to the Record Enable button is the?Mute?button, which has a crossed-out speaker on it. This button will mute the volume from the selected track when you play the GarageBand song.?The track will turn gray when it's muted.? This button is helpful if you want to take out single pieces of the song at a time to find out where a problem is coming from.? Solo Button The?Solo?button is to the right of the Mute button and is marked by a headphone icon. This button plays only the selected track and mutes all the other tracks in the song project. This is helpful when you want to isolate a track without having to mute every other track in the project.? Lock Button The?Lock?button is on the right side and has an image of a lock on it. Use this button when you are done with a track and don't want to mess up any of your editing work. The Lock button disallows any changes to the track. If you do want to go back and edit the track, you will need to first unlock it with this button. Read more by visiting our page at:
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