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Learn GarageBand in 30 Days: Configuring Hardware

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Instrument Adapters Most computers have a 1/8 inch input jack so you will need an adaptor in order to connect instruments for recording. There are several different options for connections.? 1/4 Inch to 1/8 Inch Adapter A gold 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adaptor will plug into your computer at one end and allow you to plug a guitar cable into the other end. This will allow you to adapt the guitar cable to the computer and record guitar tracks in GarageBand.? 1/4 Inch to 1/8 Inch Cable A 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch cable works the same way as an adaptor to connect a guitar to the computer. However, the cable puts less weight strain on your computer's input jack and may be preferable. XLR CableUse an XLR cable to connect a microphone or other XLR connection to your computer. The cable should have a 1/8 inch connection on one end, so that it can plug into the computer's input jack. The other end should be a female XLR connection.? Audio Interface It helps to have an audio interface that you can use to connect all your instruments to the computer. You won't need adaptors since it has direct inputs for cables. They use either a USB or firewire connection to transform the instrument audio waves into digital signals that the computer can read. This will produce better audio quality for your GarageBand project. MIDI Controller A MIDI controller is a way to control the software music for your GarageBand project. Although it is not a full piano keyboard, it can create the effect of a piano with its various features. In addition, you can record the MIDI as any other instrument in GarageBand. Read more by visiting our page at:
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