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EQ Bass Guitar - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: When you reach the mixing phase of your Pro Tools session, you can EQ your bass guitar track to make it sound fuller within the entire mix. There are various ways to EQ the bass according to your preference. Here's one way to boost up the low end and make the track more "beefy."? Start off by selecting the bass guitar track in the mix window of your session. Under the Inserts section, click on an empty box and then select plug-in--EQ--EQ 7-Band. The control window for the EQ will open.? The bass guitar naturally has low end frequencies, so one idea is to cut out the low ends of the drums so that your bass guitar can live there.? First take away the high end frequencies by using a low-pass filter. Go to the LPF box and select the sloping icon on the right. For a drastic effect, raise the Q to about 24.? Then sweep the frequency down from the top until you like the way it sounds. This will kill the "attack" of the bass by cutting out the high frequencies.? Then you can boost the low-end frequencies to build the body of the bass. On the LMF control, start at around 100 Hz and raise the Gain. Remember to start below the range of your drums so that they don't have to share the frequency. Then sweep the Frequency to the left to bring up the low ends. Leave it where you like the boom level.? If you bass track has any "muddiness," you can locate it around the low-mid section, from 200 to 500 Hz. Use the MF controls and set the Frequency at about 400 Hz to start. Then raise the Gain to listen for signs of muddiness. Sweep the Frequency back and forth until you hear the undesirable frequencies. When you find the spot, bring the Gain to below zero to cut out that frequency.? When you finish adjusting the EQ, click the Compare button to flatten out the graph and hear the original version. Then you can click it again to bring back your changes. Read more by visiting our page at:
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