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Changing MIDI Events Velocity and Time - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: After you've added MIDI notes to your track, you can edit the velocity and time inside them.? First you'll need to select the smart tool, grabber tool or the pencil tool. Each one of these has functions that allow you to edit the velocity and time. It may be easiest to use the grabber tool alone. Then go?to a MIDI track in your Pro Tools session.? Time: To adjust the timing of your MIDI notes, you'll need to select the notes view in the track information section. This way you can view and access the notes to edit.? Click on a note to select it. Or, you can click and drag the cursor to cover multiple notes you want to select. Once selected, click and drag the note or notes to the right or left. This will make them occur sooner or later on your timeline grid.? Pay attention to what mode you've set for the project. If you're in the Grid mode, your MIDI notes will automatically snap to the tempo of the gridlines when you move them. Change to Slip mode if you don't want to be limited to the grid.? Velocity: You can also manually edit the velocity of your MIDI notes. Start off by selecting the velocity in the track view. If you want, you can display the velocity in a sub track by clicking the "+" button below the track and choosing it to show velocity.? Use your cursor to click and drag each velocity meter up or down to raise or lower the notes. You can also click and drag over multiple meters to edit all of them at once.? If you want to make all velocity meters the same level, go to Event--Event Operations--Event Operations Window to open the Event Operations window. Once there, click on the arrow in the menu and select Change Velocity.? The window will now provide several options to edit aspects of the velocity. Under Options, find Set all to and enter a number in the box or use the slider to set a new velocity value. Click Apply and all of the selected MIDI notes will move to that velocity. Read more by visiting our page at:
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