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Mahalo Guitar Solo Course: Hammer On Practice

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Hammer-On Practice Tips: Tip #1: Make sure to place your fretting fingers firmly on the fretboard. Keep the hand loose, and carefully curl your fingers around the neck so that the tip of each finger lands on the fretboard at a right angle. This will give you the best sound out of the strings. Tip #2: When you hammer-on to any fret, be it one, two or three frets away from your starting position, make sure that your "hammering finger" lands on the correct position on the fretboard. This will definitely take practice to get right, but this motion will feel like second nature soon enough. Also, be sure to be accurate, but don't press your finger on the frets too hard or the notes will be out of tune. Tip #3:?Watch the practice video several times and play the exercise with Jen. If you need to go slower, that's fine, but remember that the goal is to play the exercise up to speed with Jen. Tip #4: Practice without the video. Play the exercise on your own and be sure to incorporate them into your daily practice routine. Also, try some different exercises like using different scales or intervals. If you have a metronome, start playing each exercise slow then speed them up to as fast as you feel comfortable. Read more by visiting our page at:
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