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Mahalo Guitar Solo Course: 12 Bar Blues Solo

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Now it's time to put it all together! Watch the practice video several times and play the exercise with Jen. If you need to go slower, that's fine, but remember that the goal is to play the exercise up to speed with Jen. Try practicing without the video. Play the exercise on your own and be sure to incorporate them into your daily practice routine. If you have a metronome, start playing each bar slowly, then speed it up to as fast as you feel comfortable. Bars 1 and 2 Soloing Skills:?Sliding and bending Bars 3 and 4 Soloing Skills: Sliding, bending, hammer-ons and pull-offs Bars 5 and 6 Soloing Skills: Sliding, bending, triplets and double stops Bars 7 and 8 Soloing Skills: Bending Bars 9 and 10 Soloing Skills: Raking Bars 11 and 12 Soloing Skills:?Triplets, raking, sliding Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 03:12


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