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How to Draw!: Scar Beakdown

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Scar's Design Unlike Simba, Scar is a very angular character. This is one way that Disney makes a character look more villainous. Pose 1: Main Drawing 1. Draw a circle for Scar's head. Add the line of action and the eyeline. For his beard, draw a pointy, diamond-like shape starting below the eyeline. 2. For his mane, draw a large circle around his head and beard. For his body, draw a curved line. Pose 2: Profile 1. Draw the circle for Scar's head. Add a horizontal line of action through his head and body area.?Draw a rectangle for his left shoulder area. Draw a larger rectangle for his left hindquarters. Connect these with two angled lines to create his body. 2. To draw his front and rear left legs, make each of these legs out of two rectangles. Add his thick tail by drawing a hook shape down from his hindquarters. 3. Draw a fuzzy circle around his head for his mane. Add an angular shape for his muzzle. Add a stretching shape for his beard. Pose 3: Head-On 1. Draw the top of Scar's head as a curved shape with a point on each side. For his muzzle, draw a pentagon, then add two more below it. Add a triangle pointing down for his beard. 2. Connect the top of his muzzle to the top of his head. Add two dots for pupils, then draw two lines below them to make his eyes. 3. For his mane, draw an oval shape around his head. Its top and bottom should be pointed and should have a point on both sides for his ears. 4. For his front legs, draw two rectangles. For his paws, add horizontal ovals at the bottoms of his legs. Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 13:25


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