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Overdubbing MIDI Performances - Pro Tools 9

Bestselling apps now free: After you've recorded a MIDI performance in your Pro Tools session, you can overdub it with a second recording. This means that you're creating a new track on top of the previous one. The concept works the same way as with audio tracks. It's generally used when you want to add more notes to a track for a fuller sound. 1. Start off by listening to the MIDI track that you already recorded. Decide where you want to add additional notes.? 2. Now open up a new track to record over the first one. Do this by going to Track--New or holding Apple+Shift+N. This will open a New Tracks window, where you can set up a new stereo Instrument Track and click Create. The new track will be added to the session.? 3. Next you need to select a software instrument for the new track. It can be the same as the previously recorded track or something different.? In the mixing window, go to the new track's channel and click on an empty box under the Inserts section. In the menu, go to multichannel plug-in--Instrument and select the instrument to add. This will open an instrument window which adjusts the sound your MIDI controller will produce.? 4. You can now play the previously recorded track while recording the new track. You'll be able to hear when you're recording while also listening to what you recorded before. In the transport, click Record and then Play. Then play your new notes along to the previous recording. Read more by visiting our page at:
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