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Quantizing Your Inputs - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: When it comes to recording music digitally, there is a processing technology called "quantizing." Quantization is the process of eliminating any flaws or imprecisions in one's playing. This makes it so the notes that are played are recorded perfectly and occur exactly on a beat or on exact fractions of beats. You can choose to quantize music long after it has been played and recorded, or you can have Pro Tools quantize your playing simultaneously as it's being recorded. To begin, navigate to the top menu bar and click Event -- MIDI Real-Time Properties to reveal the Real-Time Properties dialog box. Here, you can choose to apply the property the only the particular track you're working on, or it can be set to apply to default track properties, meaning the properties you specify will be set by default and will always apply to all tracks created. Click on the arrows to the left of each property to reveal various options regarding those properties. For instance, if you click Quantize, you'll be able to choose which note, or tuplet, you want to quantize to. It could be on every whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, thirty-second note or sixty-forth note. After that, you can choose the amount of Swing you would like applied, which can make your notes sound less mechanical. You can also determine the Strength of your quantization, as well as how much you would like it Offset, among other things. These are typically used for more advanced settings, though. Read more by visiting our page at:
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