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How to Create a Silhouette Effect with Photoshop

Get Free iOS apps by email! This tutorial will show you how to create a vector silhouette effect on a photograph using Adobe Photoshop. This will create an effect that looks more like a graphic illustration than an actual photograph. 1. To begin, open an image that already has an object that's silhouetted. A picture such as this one will suffice.? 2. With an image on your canvas, navigate to the top menu bar and click Image -- Adjustments -- Threshold. This will turn your picture black and white, with the dark elements showing as black and everything else showing as white.? 3. Adjust the Threshold slider so that no other dark elements are showing except for your object. 4. With your object isolated, grab the Magic Want Tool, set the Tolerance in the top tool bar to 0, select around the entire object and press Command/Ctrl+X to Cut it. 5. Now, add a new layer and put it behind the Background layer.? *If you can't do this because your background layer is not technically considered a layer, double-click on it to rename it and designate it as a layer. 6. Change your foreground color to white and the background color to something that matches a dominant color in your photograph. An orange-yellow color to represent a sunset would be a good example. 7. Grab the Gradient Tool and apply an orange-to-yellow-to-white gradient on the new layer you created. Be sure to click and drag the Gradient Tool in the direction you want the gradient to flow. Read more by visiting our page at:
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