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Princess Bubblegum Character Breakdown

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Step 1: Head, Neck and Hair? 1. For the head, draw a circle. Add two small vertical lines below it for the neck. 2. For the basic hair shape, draw a curved line above the circle. It should come down as two vertical lines, one on each side of the circle. At the bottom, connect them with a horizontal line. 3. Add a horizontal rectangle coming down from the basic body shape. It should not be quite as wide as the basic body shape. This will be the bottom of the dress. 4. To differentiate the hair from the body, in the upper third of the head, draw a short horizontal line. Draw two vertical lines down from it, one from each end, reaching down to the bottom of the hair. 5. For the eyes, draw two dots inside the head. For the mouth, draw a small horizontal line below the eyes. Step 2: Dress and Arms 1.?Add a small horizontal line to connect the neck lines at their bottoms. 2. For the top part of the body, draw two lines down from the neck, one on each side, flaring slightly out. They shouldn't extend past the upper third of the body. Connect them at their bottoms, then add a trapezoid coming down from them. The longer side of the trapezoid should be facing upwards. 3. For the dress, draw two lines coming down from the trapezoid, one on each side, flaring slightly out. They should extend all the way to connect with the rectangle at the bottom of the basic body shape. 4. For the left shoulder (on our right), draw a small circle on the right side of the top of the body. For the right shoulder, add a small circle on the left side. Add two semi-circles to each shoulder, on their outer sides. 5. For the arms, draw long, thin vertical rectangles coming out of the shoulders' semi-circles. These should extend down past the height of the trapezoid. Step 3: Crown (Rear View) 1. For the crown, draw a small, thin vertical rectangle up from the top of the hair. Add a small circle on top of it. 2. Draw two horizontal lines, one above the other, below the top of the hair. Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 10:12


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