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Smart Tool in Automation View - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: When you view tracks in automation in your Pro Tools session, the smart tool takes on different functions than in waveform view.? In waveform view, the smart tool becomes the grabber,? selector and trimmer depending on the area of the track your cursor hovers. But in automation view, the smart tool edits the volume properties of the track. ? First, select the smart tool by clicking on the bracket in the top bar. Make sure all three buttons are selected.? Now set the track to automation view by clicking on the track options and selecting from Volume, Mute or Pan. These options are automation.? If you choose Volume, the track will display a black line over the wavelength of the region. This is the volume line and it tells you the exact level of the volume.? Selector Tool When you hover over the lower region of the track in automation view, the smart tool becomes a selector tool. This is different from the waveform view, where you access the selector on the upper part of the track.? Use the selector to click and drag over an area that you want to edit. Volume Tool When you hover above the black volume line in automation view, the cursor becomes a top bracket icon. Click and drag it up or down to raise and lower the volume of the selected section. The volume line will create points at each of the volume changes.? Pencil Tool You can also edit the volume by making new points on the black volume line. Hold Control and the smart tool will become a pencil icon. Click the pencil on the volume line to place dots on it.? Now let go of Control. Hover over the dot with your cursor and it will become a grabbing finger icon. Use this finger to move the dots up or down across the track. These changes will adjust the volume according to the direction of the connecting lines. Read more by visiting our page at:
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