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Smart Tool in Waveform View - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: When you're using the smart tool in the waveform view of your Pro Tools session, you can perform multiple tasks without needing to switch tools. This can be a great way to save time while editing. Access the?waveform view by clicking on the track options in the left side editor.? Smart Tool Select the smart tool at the top bar of the editor window. You'll need to click on the upper bracket to select the entire smart tool rather than the individual tool buttons.? When the smart tool is enabled, it performs different functions depending on which part of the track you hover over. Access the grabber over the lower part of the track, the selector over the upper part, and the trimmer over the ends.? Fades You can also use the smart tool to make fades on the tracks. This fades a region in or out at the beginning or end. Normally you would need to go into the automation to make fades. However, you can save processing power and editing time by adding them in the waveform view.? To create a new fade, hover the cursor over the top corner of the region. The cursor will turn into a box with diagonal shaded regions. Then click and drag the cursor into the region.? The fade will be represented by a diagonal line that shows how long or short it lasts. Drag the cursor back and forth to lengthen or shorten the fade.? This creates a basic, constant power fade in. It will change the appearance of the wavelengths because it makes them quieter.? You can also create a crossfade between two separate regions.? Hover over the bottom of the line that divides the two regions. The cursor will become a shaded pyramid icon. Click and drag it to the left or right to make the crossfade between the regions. It will look like a large "X" to show the fade-out of one region and the fade-in of the second one.? To delete a fade, highlight it with your cursor and then press the Delete key. This will only delete the fade, not the entire audio region. Read more by visiting our page at:
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