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Editing Fades - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: You can edit your tracks to fade in or fade out so they sound better in your Pro Tools session. There are different types of fades - quick or gradual - and every one will be individual to your track. You can set the default constant fade or you can edit it to fit the sound of your track.? First, create a fade using the smart tool. Hover your cursor over the top corner of the region until it becomes the shaded box icon.? Click and drag the cursor into the region where you want the fade. You can adjust the angle of the fade by moving it farther in or out.? The smart tool creates a default, gradual fade down in volume.? After you've created it, you can edit the fade to make it happen sooner or later in the song. Hover the cursor over the side line of the fade region until it becomes the trimmer tool. Then click and drag to pull the fade in or out of the track. Once you have the fade set how you want it, you can further edit the way it sounds. Do this by accessing the Fades editing window in one of three ways:? 1. Double click on the fade region.? 2. Click Apple+F when the fade region is selected. 3. Go to Edit--Fades--Create.? Once the window is open, you can change the type of fade from the default line. In the Out Shape box, click the down arrow to view the options. Select from the shapes to make your fade faster or slower, including curved, sloped or dropping.? Once you click OK, the appearance of the fade will change to reflect the new shape.? It's a good idea to try different fade shapes to see which works best for your instrument and sound. Read more by visiting our page at:
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