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How to Chest Pop

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: The chest pop is an old school move that's still used in numerous styles of dance, including hip hop, modern, jazz and tap. This tutorial will teach you the three basic elements of the chest pop, which you'll then combine. 1. First, take a very deep breath. Hold it for a few seconds, then exhale. Practice this, then do it faster and without any pause between. 2. Throw your shoulders back. After practicing this, try simultaneously throwing your shoulders back and doing the quick inhale/exhale from the first step. 3. Place one of your hands against the arch of your back, then push in. Practice this until you can push your torso forward without pushing with your hand. This is a type of torso isolation. 4. Now, combine the inhale/exhale, shoulder throw and forward torso push into one simultaneous move.?You can either do a slow chest pop or a quick one. Tips * When you exhale, create the illusion of doing a deeper chest pop by pushing your shoulders forward to sink your chest in. * You can mimic a heart beat during this move. To do this, place one hand on your chest, fingers flexed in. As you execute the chest pop, your fingers will flatten against your chest, flaring them outwards. Read more by visiting our page at:
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