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Trimming Regions - Pro Tools 9

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: When you're editing a project in Pro Tools, you can trim down regions to make them shorter. This lets you cut off the beginning or end of a region. Often, when your recording it's a good idea to record more than you'll need because it's easy to cut off the ends. It's not as easy to add more content if you don't have enough.? When you have a region on a track, select the trimmer tool from the top toolbar. It will make your cursor icon look like a staple.? Go to the beginning or the end of the region you want to shorten. Click and drag the staple icon from the outside line all the way to the point where you want the region to start or end. This will cut the region down to that point.? Another way to trim is by using the smart tool at the top toolbar. When you've selected the smart tool, you can access the trimming tool by hovering over the end of a region or track. You know it has become the trimmer when it turns into the staple icon. The trimmer functions in the same way as before.? Keep in mind which mode you're in when you trim regions. If you're in the grid mode, your region ends will snap to the nearest tempo gridline. For freedom to trim to any point in the timeline, put it into slip mode instead.? If you want to bring back a section that you trimmed, just use the trimmer to drag the region in the opposite direction. Read more by visiting our page at:
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