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Moving Regions - Pro Tools 9

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! When you're editing your Pro Tools session, you may need to move regions around the timeline. This usually happens when you separate regions or need to fix the timing.? There are two ways to move regions:? 1. Grabber tool: You can use the grabber tool to click and drag regions to any point on the timeline. First, select the grabber tool from the top bar. You can also use it within the smart tool.? Hover over the lower part of the track until your cursor becomes a hand icon. This means it has become the grabber tool. From there, click and drag the region along the timeline until it's in the right place. 2. Nudge: You can also move regions by using keys on the keyboard. First, find the Nudge section in the top bar. Click on the down arrow next to it. The menu will provide note value options to select for the nudge. These control how much the region will move when you click the keys.? For example, if you select 1/4 note, the region will jump over 1/4 note on the track every time you press the nudge keys. You can also set the nudge by minutes, seconds, samples or other measurements.? To use the nudge, click on the left or right arrows that are shared with the comma and period keys, respectively. The left arrow will move the region to the left, and the right one will move it to the right. Read more by visiting our page at:
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