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Creating Regions - Pro Tools 9

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: When you're editing a session in Pro Tools, it's important to know how to create and manage the regions on your tracks. Once you add a region, it will automatically be created in the regions bin on the right side of the window.? There are three main ways to create a new region on your project.? 1. Record: When you record audio, MIDI or an instrument to a track, it becomes a new region. To record, first record enable the track and then click record. There is a separate video in this series that details the process of recording.? When you're done recording it will become a new region on the track. It will also appear on the list within the regions bin.? 2. Import: Another way to create a new region is by importing a file to your project. Go to? File--Import and select the kind of region you want to import: Audio, MIDI, Video or Region Groups. You can watch a separate video in this series just for importing files.? The file will import to the track and the region will be added to the list in the regions bin.? 3. Edit: Whenever you split a region on a track it will create a new, separate one. You can split, or cut, a region by placing your marker where you want to separate it. Then press the "B" button on your keyboard. The region will be split where the marker is.? The new parts of the region will be added to the region bin on the right side. They'll be renamed so that you can tell the difference between them.? If you delete a region from the track but realize you want to bring it back, you can locate it in the regions bin and drag it to its place. Read more by visiting our page at:
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